Reed Pottery

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Pottery Classes

If you have ever wanted to create a work of art or a simple bowl out of clay come attend Reed Pottery classes.

Brian is an award winning potter with a passion for teaching and a calm style that makes it fun. Your hands in the clay, your creativity coming out and the fun you will have are available for those that sign up.

Classes run every Thursday evening and some Saturday mornings. Weekday class start at 6PM and go until 9PM, Weekend class is from 9am until 12pm.

If you need a nurturing environment I would recommend you contact Reed Pottery and sign up for the next class. We run no more than 4 students per class to fulfill our promise to teach effectively for each student.

Classes are $25 a 3 hour session, and for a limited time include a $25 beginner tool set.  Your first 25lbs of clay are included for all new students while you learn your skill. All firing and glaze material is included in your class fee. We sell classes in block of 4 sessions for $100, which is the minium commitment you will need to make in order to create a pottery piece